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Everything You Need to Know About Cupolas

More than just a stunning rooftop decoration...

If you have driven around Amish country, chances are you have seen a cupola. Maybe you don't pay attention to them as much as we do, but when a shiny new cupola catches your eye, you take note of it. Typically gilded with copper, cupolas are the perfect ornamental addition to any shed, barn, gazebo, or home. Think of them as the cherry on top of the ice cream.

Did you know that cupolas also have another function other than just being a stunning rooftop decoration? Initially, they were designed as a light and ventilation source for structures such as barns. In a barn, stale air can be detrimental.

Air constantly needs to be filtered through to provide fresh oxygen for your animals and yourself. To help the unwanted, foul gases to escape, farmers began installing copper, wood, and vinyl cupolas as a gas ventilation system. Besides filtering the harmful gases out, cupolas also direct the good, fresh air inward. The slats on the side of the structure are explicitly structured to filter good air in without letting rainwater come through.

Before electricity, barns had no other light source besides lanterns and the doors if they were propped open. So cupolas began to function as skylights in barns to distribute even lighting across the interior. Today, cupolas aren't used as a primary light source, but some people still value them as a light source or overhead accent piece.

Cupolas can come in many shapes and sizes, so you can pick a decorative top that speaks to you to create the perfect finishing touch on your home, garage, shed, or barn. At Backyard and Beyond, we know that you may have a different vision for your new outdoor addition. That is why we offer to work with you to provide custom cupolas to fit your vision exactly. We have answers if you have questions on sizing, materials, and more.

Once you choose your style, the customization begins. For example, you can add a weathervane or adjust light and ventilation. Choose from our extensive list of materials, such as PVC-vinyl, western red cedar, copper, premium grade white pine, and metal. Then, mix and match, and make it your own with Backyard and Beyond.

Next time your drive around Lancaster County, take note of all the cupolas you see. You may be surprised to find that they are more popular than you realized. As you go, remember the styles you liked- what materials they used, the shape, the size, the color, etc. So, when you are ready for one of your own, you can come to Backyard and Beyond, where we can meet your needs to a T. Browse our Amish backyard structure inventory today or, if you are ready, receive a free quote instantly on our website. We are prepared to give you the barn or home accent you didn't know you were missing.

Once you see your cupola standing tall in the sunlight, you might not be able to look away from its beauty for a while! And that is our guarantee.