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Classic Series Sheds

Classic Sheds

Craftsmanship elevated with boundless customization.

Classic Series sheds exemplify exquisite craftsmanship. These sheds boast wider gable and eave overhangs, upgraded doors and trim, sturdy 6" Acorn hinges, and generously sized windows.

Have you ever yearned for a project or hobby space of your own? Customize your shed with precisely the windows, doors, insulation, electrical outlets, and features you desire. Their timeless design seamlessly complements any home style, making them a valuable addition to your property.

Need help making a decision? Check out our shed comparison grid below.

Classic Shed Styles

Click on shed styles below for more information. 


Classic Shed Style Comparisons

Berkshire Carlton Hamilton Manchester Mansard Villa
Windows 2-36" High 2-36" High 2-36" High 2-36" High None 3-36" High
Window Decor
1"x4" Trim w/Shutters
1"x4" Shutters or Trim
1"x4" Trim w/Shutters
1"x4" Trim w/Shutters
None 1"x4" Trim w/Shutters
Door Style
Classic w/Transom
Classic w/Transom
Classic w/Transom
Classic w/Transom
3' 15-Lite Pre-Hung Standard & 3' 9-Lite
6" Acorn
6" Acorn
6" Acorn
6" Acorn
House Door 6" Acorn
Corner Trim
1"x4" LP
1"x4" LP
1"x4" LP
1"x4" LP
1"x4" LP
1"x4" LP
1"x6" LP 1"x6" LP 1"x6" LP 1"x6" LP 1"x6" LP 1"x6" LP
Eaves Overhang
6" Back 18" Front
6" 6" 6" 8" 5 1/2"
Gable Overhang
8" 6" 8" 8" 8" 8"
Roof Pitch
3/12 Top 2/12 7/12
50 yr. Arch. Shingles
(Ribbed Metal Roof)

Shed Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers on shed topics about Permits, Financing & Payment, Site Preparation, Delivery and more....

Who takes care of permits?
If a permit is required, it is up to the customer to secure what is needed.
Do I need permitting?
Backyard and Beyond does not require a permit, however we always recommends checking with your local township, city, or county officials for up to date information.
Can you get engineered drawings?
Yes. All of our build-on-site garages have engineered drawings included, but we can get drawings for any of our structures for an additional cost. All drawings are non-refundable
Do I need site prep for a shed?
In order to retain warranties, all sheds need to be installed or delivered on crushed stone or concrete. We can provide that service for you, or specifications on the best practice to have a stone foundation installed.
Can you have site prep done?
We can provide site work for all of our structures.
Can you remove my old shed?
We can demo existing structures. To get a price give those measurements and a couple of photos to your Design Consultant
How much room do I need to get my shed in?
For our storage sheds, you will need 2'-4' in addition to the width of the shed. For example, if you would like a 10' shed, you would need 12'-14' width clearance depending on the model.
How can I get a shed with only a 3' gate opening?
Should you be unable to take down the fence sections, we offer the option to construct the shed on your property for an additional cost.
Will you remove fencing?
Regrettably, we do not provide fence removal services. It is your responsibility to dismantle the fence before the scheduled delivery. An additional charge will apply if we arrive onsite and encounter restricted access due to an existing fence.
Will the truck need to go into my yard?
No, our delivery drivers utilize a specialized machine known as a "Mule." This equipment features two sets of flotation wheels that are placed on one side of the building, while the mule is positioned on the other side, enabling it to pull the shed directly into place.
Will the Mule damage my yard?
The mule is adept at minimizing yard damage; however, you may notice tire marks where the grass is pressed down, particularly if the ground is muddy, resulting in small tracks in your yard similar to a zero-turn mower.
How long will the driver be at my house delivering my shed?
How long will the driver be at my house delivering my shed? Our drivers will be there typically less than an hour. If the driver encounters issues due to lack of accessibility, you may incur additional charges.
Can my structure be anchored?
We have anchor kits available to purchase for our sheds, both stone and concrete foundations. Our gazebos, pavilions, pergolas, and build on site garages have appropriate anchors included.
Do you accept credit cards?

We accept all major credit cards

Do you take personal checks?
Yes, we will accept personal checks
How much can I put on a credit card?
How much can I put on a credit card? We do not put a limit on how much you put on your credit card. We do suggest contacting your credit card company on large amounts.