Wood, Metal, Vinyl, and Copper Cupolas

Cupolas add distinction and a focal point for your shed, gazebo, garage, or barn roof. They serve a dual purpose: providing an aesthetic appeal and providing light and ventilation to an enclosed space. Because our customers have a discerning eye for quality with a range of personal tastes, we offer a wide selection of cupola styles and materials.

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Inspired by the beauty of old English castles, these cupolas will add elegance and distinctive beauty to your home or institution. Known for their details and craftsmanship, the Signature Series Cupolas offer fluted trims and crown molding. They use materials resistant to rot, insect, and moisture

The Estate Series Cupolas offer more variety in cupola tops, including tops with beautiful sloping arches. Weathervane and finial mounts are standard, allowing you to make your roof cupola a focal point of your home, garage, shed, barn, or gazebo.

For those who prefer the classic cupola look with clean lines and plenty of ventilation or light, the Select Series Cupolas is the right choice. These cupolas come with louvered or windowed mid sections, and a pagoda or straight roof style.

The Estate Copper Series Cupolas provides homeowners with a unique look - a cupola completely covered in copper - as well as the best durability. These maintenance-free cupolas come in a variety of configurations to fit the style of your roof. Copper cupolas are most popular with homes and institutions for their visual appeal and longevity. <

The Estate Gazebo Series Cupolas takes the popular "Estate Series" cupolas and builds them uniquely proportioned for your gazebo. They add the special touch to your gazebo, making it an elegant and functional destination in your own backyard.

The Sundance Series cupolas are designed and manufactured for metal buildings and other applications.

Add an attractive touch to your shed with the Shed Series Cupolas, uniquely designed to fit your shed or small storage building. Featuring a flared base and colored louvers, these cupolas dress up any shed or outbuilding. Weathervane mounts are optional.

All of our cupolas emphasize materials and finishes that are maintenance-free and resistant to deterioration. Once our cupola is on your roof, you won't have to worry about it again! Material selections include PVC-vinyl, western red cedar, copper, premium grade white pine, and metal. Styles of cupolas vary according to the cupola series, and we offer seven different cupola series. We have standard cupola and custom cupola sizes for any application, such as a small shed, large barn, garage, pergola, or gazebo. Once you have selected the perfect cupola, be sure to add a distinctive touch with our cupola weathervanes and cupola finials.

Our selection of roof cupolas is designed to match a variety of building shapes, colors, and designs. Once you have chosen the cupola style that meets your style, ventilation, and lighting needs, our team will work with you to ensure you order the right sized cupola for your home, garage, shed, barn, pergola, or gazebo. We will also make sure you understand your cupola paint and roof color options. Don't forget to select a cupola weathervane or finial detail to add that perfect finishing touch.