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Copper Weathervanes & Finials add a distinctive touch with classical elegance to any home, or other outbuilding. Our weathervanes are designed by American craftsmen with vane bodies that are constructed of pure copper.

A charming focal point to any exterior, especially when perched atop a cupola, our weathervanes offer a creative appeal. We carry weathervanes in standard, garden (smaller) and extra large sizes.

  • Our weathervanes are easy to assemble and install.
  • Single Point Contact design allows our weathervanes to spin easily in the wind.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Pure Copper will age naturally over time.
  • Designed by American Artisans.

Buy from our online store.

To customize your order and have it shipped right away, choose from any of the product categories.

Smaller sized weathervanes based on the classic designs of our full-size weathervanes.
Explore our collection of standard-sized weathervanes, showcasing both traditional and contemporary themes.
Explore our collection of extra-large weathervanes, available in a variety of styles to enhance the elegance of above-average-sized structures.
Elevate your rooftop, turret, or cupola with the graceful finishing touch of a finial