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Garage Man Caves

Everything You Need to Know & Ideas for Your Own

If you have a wife, chances are you love her more than anything and would do anything to make her happy! That's why you let her decorate your home exactly how she wanted to. And sure, the 50 pillows on the bed are very comfortable, and the aesthetic kitchen is the perfect place for entertaining, but there isn't room for any of your stuff! Your action figures, sports jerseys, and foosball table are packed up, collecting dust in storage. 

If this sounds like you, chances are you need a garage man cave.

A man cave is the ultimate sanctuary for a man that he can decorate however he sees fit. A place to call his own and take solace away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. What goes into creating the perfect man cave can vary wildly depending on the dude in question — it could be a place to indulge in an obscure hobby, catch up on favorite TV shows or films, socialize with friends while enjoying a beer, or simply read a book in peace and quiet. While whatever goes into making the ideal man cave is largely subjective, one thing is for sure: whatever takes place there should always be filled with relaxation and enjoyment!

If you want to create the ultimate "man cave" in your garage, look no further. From cozy retreats and private hideaways to fully-equipped hangouts complete with classic arcade games and bar areas, garage man caves are the perfect way for you to have a little space for your self where you can just be you and let the concerns of work, family, finances, and all the rest just slip away. 

Whether you're after a chill spot for poker nights or a wild party zone, this guide will provide everything you need to know about how to devise a plan for your perfect garage man cave and entrancement ideas that fit within any size budget. So break out those toolboxes — it's time to get started!

What is a garage man cave?

A garage man cave is a man cave that finds its home in a repurposed garage! While you might immediately think of a man cave in a spare room, den, or other available space in your room, a converted attached garage or detached garage offers you more flexibility and freedom with how you design and use your space.

Can a garage really be a man cave?

It sure can! With just a bit of effort and creativity, you can turn an ordinary garage into an extraordinary man cave you'll love spending time in. You’ll have to deal with a few more challenges than if you would make use of a den or spare room, but, generally speaking, if you have the means to use or purchase a garage for your man cave, you really can’t go wrong. There’s nothing quite like really having your own space to craft and refine to your own liking, down to the last detail. 

How much does a man cave garage cost?

The cost of a man cave can vary depending on your vision. On average, a man cave can cost between $3,000-$25,000, depending on how elaborate you want it to be or if you want to purchase a separate building for your new hangout spot. Obviously, the cost increases if you choose to purchase a garage — but a brand-new garage gives you ultimate flexibility and freedom with your own personal space. 

How do I make a man cave in my garage?

When converting your garage into a man cave, consider sealing off the garage door, adding new flooring, insulation, and all the basic features of a room. If you want your man cave to be a little more upscale, consider adding plumbing, wiring, and more. Once you have the basic frame of your man cave, you can start decorating with furniture, pictures, and a whole lot more. Basically, you are only limited by your imagination and budget here. If you can dream it and back it up with the capital, then the sky is the limit for your garage man cave. 

Must-Haves for Your Garage Man Cave

While your man cave needs to be specific to you, there are a few things you absolutely need to include in your new space!

  • A unique sign
  • Cool lighting
  • An entertainment center
  • Coasters
  • A mini fridge
  • Games you enjoy

There’s no prescription of course, and that’s the true beauty of the garage man cave. This is your chance to design, build, and repurpose however you want with whatever you want. Maybe it’s a worn-out cliche, but it holds true here: the only rule is that there are no rules.

Benefits of a Garage Man Cave

Having a separate place close to your home but not directly in it can provide a quiet space for reflection and relaxation away from distractions. Man caves are great wherever you can have them; your space is your space, wherever you make it. But with the garage man cave, you really get a buffer from the rest of your life. No one is advocating that you disappear and check out completely. A little time for you, however, makes you better in whatever roles the people in your life are counting on you to fill.

Is it healthy to have a garage man cave?

Man caves are great, healthy places to unwind, display some of the items you are proudest of, and be creative. Your man cave is a sanctuary — a place that is truly yours! While man caves are generally healthy for men, just make sure you don’t spend all your time there. Once you have your own space, you might be tempted to spend all of your “free” time there. As you’ve heard elsewhere, all things in moderation.

Disadvantages of a Garage Man Cave

Like we were just saying, there “too much of a good thing” is a reality we all have to consider. Sometimes, people can get caught up in how awesome their man caves are, resulting in them never wanting to leave that space. Make sure the amount of time you spend there is healthy and that it never distracts from the most important things in life — like that family you just need a little bit of cushion from!

While it is your space, don’t make it exclusive! Invite your family and friends to see it, and maybe even spend some time with you. Sharing the space with loved ones is actually one of the greatest things about the garage man cave. It’s your space, but it’s free for you to invite whoever you like whenever you like. Now, you don’t want others taking control of the space you built just for you, but you don’t always want to relax in solitude. Sometimes a few buddies is just what your spot needs to level up.

Garage Man Cave Ideas & Inspiration Interested in having a themed garage man cave? Check out some ideas for your new space!


Designing a gym man cave is one of the most rewarding projects any fitness enthusiast can undertake. It's a safe space to go to and do all the workouts that best suit you while also having fun with friends. From kettlebells, battle ropes, foam rollers, and weight benches, there are countless options for creating an awesome gym man cave in your home.

With the right equipment and decorating tips, you can create a relaxing yet stimulating space that encourages you to stay focused during your workouts and enjoy quality time with people who share your love for health and wellness.


Whether you like football, hockey, baseball, or any other sport, there are plenty of options to make the perfect oasis for yourself and your friends. Look into memorabilia, such as signed jerseys or vintage posters, to hang on the walls. You can also upgrade things with comfortable furniture and challenging games suited for your favorite sport.

Even better, add a giant flat screen to watch all the best games with maximum comfort and delicious snacks nearby! Soon enough, you’ll have the perfect space to watch your favorite games!


A gaming-themed man cave can be a great way to turn your home into a fun hangout spot for you and your friends. There are numerous ideas to bring the perfect combination of comfort, fun, and convenience to your special area.

Consider setting up gaming consoles, big screens TVs, and plush sofas strategically throughout the room so everyone has easy access while they play. If you want to take your setup up a notch, consider adding in lights that change color according to the game you're playing or project them directly onto walls to create an immersive environment!


If you're a bar aficionado, a man cave with bar-themed décor is the perfect way to express your passion. From a full bar with bottles of your favorite spirits and neon signs to stools and tap handles, there are plenty of ways to add a taste of the pub to your pad.

For an added splash of atmosphere, why not fit some vintage finds into the fold? An old-school wooden ice box may just be what you need to really get the party started. Why not complete the effect with some funky tunes and great people?


Outfitting your space with classic video game consoles and some retro decorations will bring out your inner kid and give you a great spot to hang out. This is a great way to bring friends together while also adding a touch of timeless nostalgia. You can further enhance the look with bar stools inspired by the 80s, large wall art showing classic games, and LED lighting flickering like neon signs that use no more than 100 watts (so you don’t break the bank).




Backyard & Beyond Is Here to Help with Your Garage Man Cave

Your garage, your man cave — it’s the ultimate expression of you. Creating a space specifically designed for relaxing and enjoying time with your friends is one of the best ways to make a statement about who you are. Your man cave should be a reflection of your greatest interests and something that makes you proud to show off to others.

With Backyard & Beyond on your side, building the perfect garage man cave has never been easier! With our extensive inventory, industry-leading warranties, and friendly team of professionals, finding the right garage for a space of your own is just a few clicks away.

So, don’t wait — take advantage of our wide selection of garages today and start designing your ideal man cave! Whether sports-themed or filled with classic games that just never get old, having an area dedicated to yourself is worth all the hassle. Browse our garages today and learn how we can help make your garage man cave all it was meant to be. We’re here to make your dreams a reality.