Traditional Wood Gazebos and Vinyl Gazebos

Our traditional Amish gazebos are crafted from rich, vibrant wood or sleek, modern vinyl. They provide a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere for outdoor entertaining. We offer a wide selection of design options, or we can design something completely new and unique to you. We build each gazebo for quality and beauty as the perfect addition to any house.

Whether you enjoy the timeless grace of a traditional wood gazebo, or the modern feel of a custom vinyl gazebo, we use the same Amish craftsmanship to build them both. We are a family-owned and operated business. We have a reputation for building structures for quality.

Traditional Vinyl Gazebos

While called "traditional" because they come in traditional octagon, oval, or rectangle shapes, these vinyl gazebos offer modern convenience of low maintenance and resistance to corrosion. We use today's best methods to construct the gazebo of your dreams out of easy-to-maintain vinyl. The clean lines and brilliant finish of vinyl gazebos offer an attractive alternative to wood. View Vinyl Gazebos

Traditional Wood Gazebos

Enjoy the matchless beauty of a traditional wood gazebo. Nothing matches wood in warmth and overall richness of color. We offer a variety of styles, stains, and finishes so your gazebo is customized to your particular tastes. Our wood gazebos are built for strength and durability, using pressure-treated pine and decking. View Wood Gazebos

Custom Gazebos

Start building memories of outdoor fun in a custom gazebo designed uniquely for you. We tailor designs to meet your needs, or start with a completely new look. We have the experience to ask you the right questions to ensure your custom gazebo boasts the right details, from material selection to shape to extras like decorative elements or adding screens. If you have a unique location or a standard design just don't fit your preference, we will build your gazebo on site so it fits your exact specifications. View Custom Gazebos

Keystone Gazebos

Our Keystone Gazebos offer the same high quality construction with a similar look and feel to that of our custom lines, with slightly fewer options. The Keystone Gazebo line is a cost-conscious alternative to a custom-made or elaborate design. Complete the look of your yard with a budget-friendly option and start enjoying your outdoors! View Keystone Gazebos

Enjoy Outdoor Living in Your New Gazebo

Gazebos are an excellent choice for family fun, entertaining, or simply relaxing in the backyard. Our experienced and courteous team makes installing your gazebo an easy, enjoyable process. Whether you choose a completely custom design, or favor a simpler, cost-conscious model, we are equipped to meet your needs.