Pergola Kits with Wood and Vinyl

Pergolas add an attractive accent to any deck, patio or pool area. Pergolas transform backyards into outdoor living spaces ideal for easy, airy entertaining. Pergola kits are very cost-efficient, but add significant outdoor interest to your home. We use only the highest-quality materials designed for longevity and sustainability. Our pergola kits include the traditional wood and vinyl option, our Artisan wood and vinyl selection, or a custom choice that is specific to your needs.

Pergola kits are perfect for the handy do-it-yourself types who enjoy creating something themselves. We also offer Custom Pergola designs for someone looking to perfectly match their landscape, and custom pergolas are installed by our Amish craftsmen to ensure every detail is met.

Traditional Wood Pergolas & Vinyl Pergolas

Our Wood Pergolas are beautiful, sturdy, and made completely to your specifications. Traditionally made of wood, pergolas add flair and definition to an outdoor space. We choose solid laminated, pressure-treated pine wood. Scalloped ends and notched intersections serve the dual purpose of added decoration and resistance to warping.

Our Vinyl Pergolas are an attractive, virtually maintenance-free alternative to our traditional wood pergolas. We start with the same pressure-treated wood, chosen for superior strength and longevity, and then we fit white vinyl over top. We add decorative scalloped end caps or diamond end caps. Your pergola is designed for easy, worry-free care with your family's safety and enjoyment in mind.

Hearthside & Heartland Pergolas

Hearthside Pergola kits bring warm grace to your outdoor space. Bring back the romance of outdoor dining by adding this arched pergola over your seating area. Our customers enjoy the richness of the pergola's wood and the subtle grace or the arched structure characteristic of Hearthside Pergolas.

Heartland Pergolas kits are known for being long-lasting and low maintenance. Heartland Pergola's clean lines add sophistication to any outdoor space. Heartland kits feature triple-play 2x8 headers for added strength and to maintain a straight, non-sagging appearance.

Artisan Wood Pergolas & Vinyl Pergolas

Bring more sophistication to your outdoor lifestyle by installing a pergola made of artisan wood, such as hemlock. Our Artisan Wood Pergolas offers more variety in style and come in a variety of stain colors. Artisan Wood Pergolas are larger than traditional wood pergolas and have a unique rustic look.

Artisan Vinyl Pergolas bring the same elegance as the Artisan Wood Pergolas, but the wood is sleeved in a white vinyl. We add decorative trim to enhance the beauty of our pergolas. Customers delight in our Artisan Vinyl Pergolas' solid construction with the hassle-free maintenance of vinyl.

Custom Pergolas

Not every yard looks the same, and not every customer wants the same look. For that reason, we offer custom pergola designs and professional installation. With a custom design, you can create a pergola that fits your unique needs, including considerations for sturdy construction, shape, shade, and lighting. We will work closely with you for each decision, from material selection to design to final installation location.

Features Standard to Every Pergola

Our family-owned and operated business has built a reputation for quality craftsmanship and custom design. Our pergolas are made from the highest quality materials designed for longevity and sustainability. Certain features of our pergola kits are standard:

  • Pressure-treated pine wood
  • Solid laminated 5x5 posts
  • 2x6 joints and 2x4 runners
  • Scalloped ends and notched intersections to resist warping
  • Double 2x6 header with braces for rigidity
  • Anchor brackets to secure wood pergola to concrete pads and wood decks
  • 5x5 wood posts sleeved with white vinyl
  • 1x5 joists and 1 1/2 square runners
  • Scalloped end caps and diamond end caps
  • Double 2x6 header with braces for rigidity
  • Anchor brackets to secure vinyl pergola to concrete pads and wood decks
  • Pressure-treated pine wood
  • 5x5 laminated posts
  • 2x6 arched joists and 2x6 runners
  • Engineered connection brackets
  • Scalloped ends with notched intersections to resist warping
  • Triply-ply 2x8 headers
  • Anchor brackets to secure pergola to concrete pads and wood decks
  • Pressure-treated Hemlock wood
  • 6x6 posts
  • Double-ply 2x8 headers
  • 2x6 rafter joists and 2x4 runners
  • Engineered anchor brackets for securing to concrete pads and wood decks