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Wood Playsets

Wood Playsets

Our Wood Playsets are designed with longevity in mind, featuring fade-resistant tarps and heavyweight slides that resist sun damage and fading. The floorboards, crafted from eco-friendly recycled plastic lumber, are robust and require little to no maintenance, eliminating concerns about rotting or splintering. For those who prefer, optional poly slats made from the same durable material are available. The playsets are supported by heavy-duty, double 2x6 vertical-edge swing beams and secured with powder-coated, stainless-steel brackets, ensuring stability and strength. Each set is finished with hand-brushed stains, applied twice to achieve a flawless appearance, reflecting our commitment to quality and detail.

Playsets Features

  • Fade-resistant, extra-durable tarp.
  • Slides are heavy- weight, solid-to- the-core and resist sun and fading.
  • Floor boards are eco-friendly recycled plastic lumber. Strong, durable, and low- maintenance. NO rotting, splintering, painting or staining!
  • OPTIONAL Poly slats are eco-friendly recycled plastic lumber. Strong, durable, and low-maintenance. NO rotting, splintering, painting or staining!
  • Heavy-duty, double 2x6, vertical-edge swing beams.
  • Powder-coated, heavy-duty stain- less-steel brackets.
  • All stains are hand- brushed, twice, for a streak-free finish.
  • All Wood Playsets are guaranteed for TWO YEARS!

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Playsets Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers on playset topics about Permits, Financing & Payment, Site Preparation, Delivery and more....

Can playsets be customized?
Yes, you can choose many features, colors and layout options
Does the area the playset will go need to be prepared?
We can make small adjustments for level when being installed, however the area does need to be level. We can provide a level area for a playset, just reach out for details and pricing.
What is the warranty on playsets?
There is a 10-year warranty on vinyl playsets and a 5-year warranty for wooden playsets covering manufacturer defects.
What is the weight limit on swing sets?
The recommended weight limit from the manufacturer is 250 lbs per swing
Do you install playsets?

If you are within our radius, we can provide installation on your new playset. Speak with an associate for confirmation that you're in the radius.