Garage Man Caves: Everything You Need to Know & Ideas for Your Own

If you have a wife, chances are you love her more than anything and would do anything to make her happy! That's why you let her decorate your home exactly how she wanted to. And sure, the 50 pillows on the bed are very comfortable, and the aesthetic kitchen is the perfect place for entertaining, but there isn't room for any of your stuff! Your action figures, sports jerseys, and foosball table are packed up, collecting dust in storage.  If this sounds like you, chances are you ne...

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How to Train Wisteria on a Pergola: Everything You Need to Know

With its iconic cascading blooms, wisteria is a breathtaking addition to any outdoor space. When trained onto a pergola, wisteria creates an even more enchanting touch that is sure to transport you into a fairytale wonderland.  Whether you're new to gardening or already a seasoned pro, wisteria training can be the perfect project for you to try. Fortunately, getting started is made easy with this guide by Backyard & Beyond. So if you want to learn how to train wisteri...

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Everything You Need to Know About Cupolas

If you have driven around Amish country, chances are you have seen a cupola. Maybe you don't pay attention to them as much as we do, but when a shiny new cupola catches your eye, you take note of it. Typically gilded with copper, cupolas are the perfect ornamental addition to any shed, barn, gazebo, or home. Think of them as the cherry on top of the ice cream. ...

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